National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)s

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

24 Protocols (18 Active Accrual of new subjects, 6 Follow-up of previously enrolled subjects)

Active Accrual, Protocols Recruiting New Patients 
* 000008-AA:
Test New Format - National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) Protocol

* 20-AA-0115:
COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Alcohol (PIA) - A Natural History Study

* 18-AA-0098:
Investigating a Response Modulation Hypothesis of Socioemotional Processing associated with Alcohol Use Disorder

* 17-AA-0178:
Dopaminergic Modulation of Brain Activation Using Simultaneous PET/Pharmacological MRI

* 17-AA-0171:
Nicotinic Receptor Genetic Variation and Alcohol Reward

* 17-AA-0152:
Ketogenic Diet (KD) in Alcoholism

* 17-AA-0114:
Brain Dopaminergic Signaling in Opioid use Disorders (OUD)

* 17-AA-0093:
Exploring Gut-Brain and Brain-Gut Interactions in Alcohol Use Disorder via Microbiota Investigations: A Pilot Study

* 16-AA-0080:
A Novel Compound for Alcoholism Treatment: a Translational Strategy - Part II

* 16-AA-0037:
Effect of Opioid Receptor Modulation on Alcohol Self-Administration and Neural Response to Alcohol Cues in Heavy Drinkers: Role of OPRM1 Gene Variation

* 15-AA-0186:
Development of Neuroimaging Methods to Assess the Neurobiology of Addiction

* 15-AA-0127:
(Epi)genetic Modulators of Fear Extinction in Alcohol Dependence

* 14-AA-0192:
Brain Inflammation and Function in Alcoholism

* 14-AA-0181:
Unit and Clinic Evaluation, Screening, Assessment, and Management

* 14-AA-0144:
Reliability Of The Human Brain Connectome

* 14-AA-0080:
Characterization Imaging Instruments in Alcoholics and Non-Alcoholics

* 14-AA-0066:
Behavioral and Functional MRI Task Development, Implementation, and Testing

* 08-AA-0178:
Computer-Assisted Self-Administration of Ethanol (CASE) in Humans

Active Follow-up, Protocols NOT Recruiting New Patients 

* 20-AA-0057:
The Effect of Acute Alcohol Intoxication on Neural Processes During Decisions to Engage in HIV Risk Behaviors

* 19-AA-0075:
Manipulating Ghrelin Signaling via GOAT Inhibition in Alcohol Use Disorder

* 16-AA-0059:
Characterization of Brain Amyloid-beta (A-beta) Retention During Wakefulness And Following Emergence From Sleep In Healthy Subjects

* 15-AA-0203:
Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Study of Structural Imaging

* 15-AA-0031:
Human Brain Mapping of the Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC) During Sleep and Wakefulness

* 14-AA-0187:
Dopamine Rhythms in Health and Addiction

* 14-AA-0094:
Neural Substrate of Approach-Avoidance Conflict