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How to Search

A. How to Use Search

  • Use the search box found on the home page.
  • Enter one or more words in the search box and then select the “search” button.
  • A list of search results will display. The total number of studies found is shown at the top, along with your search terms.
  • The studies that most closely match your search terms are listed first.

B. Search Logic Rules

  • Single word searches
    • example: diabetes
    • result: finds clinical studies containing the word diabetes
  • Multiple word Searches
    • example: diabetes insulin
    • result: finds clinical studies containing either word (diabetes OR insulin) and both words (diabetes and insulin)

C. Displayed Results

  • The results of all the words entered for the search can be reviewed by scrolling down on the first Search Results page.
  • Additional links are provided to review the results of the search by each individual word and multiple combinations of the words within the user's search term(s). For example, clicking on the [+diabetes] link will display all clinical studies with the word diabetes and not the word insulin. The [+diabetes +insulin] link will display all the clinical studies with both words [+diabetes +insulin].