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Protocol Number Title Protocol Status Min-Max Age Institute Keywords
20-NR-0124Development of Immersive VR Environments to Induce and Evaluate Cognitive Fatigability: User Experience and Healthy Control StudiesParticipants currently recruited/enrolled18-75 YearsNINR
20-NR-0003A Proof-of-Concept Trial on the Effect of Ketamine on FatigueParticipants currently recruited/enrolled18-70 YearsNINR
19-NR-0098Patient-Centered Assessment of Symptoms and OutcomesEnrolling by Invitation18-125 YearsNINR
14-NR-0032An Investigation of the Biological and Neuronal Mechanisms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression and Post-Concussive Syndrome Onset Following a Traumatic Brain InjuryCompleted Study; data analyses ongoing18-65 YearsNINR
11-NR-0014Characterizing Fatigue Experienced by Cancer Patients Receiving Primary Treatment and Cancer SurvivorsParticipants currently recruited/enrolled18-100 YearsNINR
09-NR-0088Molecular-Genetic Correlates of Fatigue in Cancer Patients Receiving Localized External Beam Radiation TherapyParticipants currently recruited/enrolled18-125 YearsNINR