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Protocol Number Title Protocol Status Min-Max Age Institute Keywords
000152-ENatural History of The Human Biological Response to Environmental Exposure and InjuryParticipants currently recruited/enrolled18-125 YearsNIEHS
20-E-0143Serological Surveillance for COVID-19 in Central North CarolinaParticipants currently recruited/enrolled18-125 YearsNIEHS
20-E-0108A Prospective Natural History Study of Smoking, Immune Cell Profiles, Epigenetics and COVID-19Participants currently recruited/enrolled30-55 YearsNIEHS
19-E-0110Reproductive Axis Maturation in the Early Post-Menarchal Years: A Pilot StudyParticipants currently recruited/enrolled8-14 YearsNIEHS
17-E-0161An Open-label Study of Sodium Thiosulfate for Treatment of Calcinosis Associated with Juvenile and Adult DermatomyositisParticipants currently recruited/enrolled7-99 YearsNIEHS
16-E-0157CaREFREE Study (Calorie Restriction, Environment and Fitness: /Reproductive Effects Evaluation Study)Participants currently recruited/enrolled18-28 YearsNIEHS
16-E-0096Cytochrome P450 Epoxygenase Pathway Regulation of Macrophage FunctionEnrolling by Invitation18-65 YearsNIEHS
16-E-0006Investigating the Impact of Obesity on Pubertal Development in GirlsParticipants currently recruited/enrolled8-14 YearsNIEHS
15-E-0134NIEHS EPA Pilot Study of Exposure to Chemicals in Consumer ProductsCompleted Study; data analyses ongoing35-74 YearsNIEHS
15-E-0058Natural History of Asthma with Longitudinal Environmental SamplingParticipants currently recruited/enrolled18-60 YearsNIEHS
13-E-0015Environmental Risk Factors for the Development of Myositis in Military PersonnelNo longer recruiting/follow-up only18-125 YearsNIEHS
12-E-0190The Role of Functionally Relevant Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) Gene Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms -765G>C and 8473T>C in Lymphocyte DifferentiationCompleted Study; data analyses ongoing18-150 YearsNIEHS
12-E-0089Bisphenol A (BPA) Pharmacokinetic (PK): Controlled Exposure StudyCompleted Study; data analyses ongoing25-45 YearsNIEHS
12-E-0061The Role of the Functionally Relevant Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms CYP2J2 -50G>T (CYP2J2 7) and EPHX2 9846A>G (EPHX2 K55R) in Human Endothelial FunctionCompleted Study; data analyses ongoing18-65 YearsNIEHS
12-E-0050The Role of Gonadotropin Pulsations in the Regulation of Puberty and FertilityParticipants currently recruited/enrolled14-125 YearsNIEHS
12-E-0049The Molecular Basis of Inherited Reproductive DisordersParticipants currently recruited/enrolled0-125 YearsNIEHS
11-E-0072Environmental Risk Factors for the Anti-Synthetase SyndromeParticipants currently recruited/enrolled2-120 YearsNIEHS
11-E-0006The Role of TGF-Beta in Asthmatic Epithelial Cell Susceptibility to RSV InfectionCompleted Study; data analyses ongoing18-60 YearsNIEHS
10-E-0134Effect of SNPs in p53 and p53 Response Elements on the Inflammatory Response to DNA DamageEnrolling by Invitation18-100 YearsNIEHS
10-E-0129Study of the Effect of Innate Immunity on the Inflammatory Response to EndotoxinEnrolling by Invitation18-100 YearsNIEHS
10-E-0063Sample Collection Registry for Quality Control of Biological and Environmental Specimens and Assay Development and TestingParticipants currently recruited/enrolled18-125 YearsNIEHS
07-E-0023Innate Immunity Signal Transduction in Human LeukocytesParticipants currently recruited/enrolled18-65 YearsNIEHS
07-E-0012Rituximab in the Treatment of Refractory Adult and Juvenile Dermatomyositis (DM) and Adult Polymyositis (PM)Completed Study; data analyses ongoing2-100 YearsNIEHS
04-E-0053Environmental Polymorphisms Registry (EPR)Participants currently recruited/enrolled7-130 YearsNIEHS
03-E-0099Pathogenic Studies In Families With Twins Or Siblings Discordant For Systemic Rheumatic DisordersNo longer recruiting/follow-up only2-125 YearsNIEHS
94-E-0165Studies in the Natural History and Pathogenesis of Childhood-Onset and Adult-Onset Idiopathic Inflammatory MyopathiesParticipants currently recruited/enrolled2-100 YearsNIEHS